Summer Adventuring in Europe

Posted by Noey on September 12th, 2011 — Posted in Tidbits

As you may have noticed, I didn’t post for over 2 months. Well, I was off traveling through Europe with my one year old son and my mother. We started in Cambridge, England then traveled by train Paris, France and Karlsruhe, Germany.
Here are just a few quick pictures from our trip. Many more to come through layouts. =)
The Cam River in Cambridge, England:

Posing in front of the punting boats:
At the botanical gardens:
Tobin’s new kicks:

Just taking a break on our walk around Cambridge. Tobin was snuggling with Grandma and playing with her hair:
Practicing walking:

With the grandparents:
My close friend Ali, also happened to be in Paris at the same time we were. Here we are riding on the top story of a tour bus about to drive around Arc de Triomphe:

The Grandmothers:

Notre Dame. We were staying with a relative very close to here.
On the bus tour with Grandma:

Tobin being tickled by a tree:
Gardens of Luxemburg:
On this pedestrian bridge in Paris, there is a relatively new tradition to bring your lover to the bridge and leave a padlock with your names on it. And you throw the keys into the river.
Exhausted after a long day visiting Pere Lachaise.
Yummy Parisian breakfast!
Tobin playing with Tante Rita, my husband’s great aunt.
My mom lighting a candle in Notre Dame:
At the Karsruhe Zoo with mom and Aunt Alex.
Bubbles with Grandpa and Uncle Keith:
Playing on the steps in Speier, Germany:
Enjoying a bird’s eye view over Karlsuhe, Germany:

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